SDK Reference


Used to update a user's profile.

User must have an active session for this query to work.

How to use?

const res = await orbis.updateProfile(options);


  • options - object containing the profile details with the following optional elements
    • pfp - string A valid URL pointing to the user's profile picture
    • cover - string A valid URL pointing to the user's cover picture
    • username - string Username of the user, not unique for now
    • description - string Description of the user
    • pfpIsNft - object Can be used to set an NFT as a verified profile picture
      • chain - string Only ethereum or polygon are supported
      • contract - string The contract address
      • tokenId - string The id of the token in the smart-contract
      • timestamp - string Current timestamp
    • data - object optional Can be used to attach some custom data to a profile


  status: 200,
  doc: "kjzl6cwe1...e4wvxhiqj",
  result: "Success creating TileDocument."


Set an NFT as a profile picture

This example sets an Azuki NFT as a profile picture.

Ownership of the NFT will be verified by Orbis Nodes using an on-chain query.

const res = await orbis.updateProfile({
  pfp: "https://...",
  username: "Baptiste",
  pfpIsNft: {
    chain: "ethereum",
    contract: "0xed5af388653567af2f388e6224dc7c4b3241c544",
    tokenId: "0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000013c4",
    timestamp: "1658297026"