Primitives - Building Blocks

Primitives - Social Building Blocks


Orbis provides a set of primitives that work together to create social experiences.

These objects are standardized across Orbis and must conform to our schema.

We call them the building blocks of Open Social, because they are upgradable, easy to extend, yet fully interoperable thanks to standardization.

Enriched Profiles

Orbis users own their data and they bring it along for the ride, no matter which app they're using.

To enable this we created Profiles and Credentials which work together to provide verifiable and enriched user data.

Make sure to check out the power of Profiles, Credentials and related primitives.

Access Gating & Organization

Just because all primitives are interoperable doesn't mean you can't have a space of your own.

Our Contexts can help you organize and make data relevant to your use case with a single line of code.

You can also gate access to your spaces based on token ownership, credentials and other business logic.

Find out more about Contexts as well as Sub-contexts 🤯 here.

Content & Discussions

Adding new content is easy thanks to Posts.

Enrich your writing with images, media and links.

You can choose who can read your Posts by encrypting both text and media.

We know that the best content comes from collaboration, so Posts can reference other Posts as well as reply, tag other Profiles and more.

Learn more about how you can utilize Posts here.

Private Chats

Public discussions are great, but sometimes you just want to chat privately.

As you've probably figured by now, we like to keep things simple and easy; and we've done just that by creating Conversations and Messages.

Choose the recipients, create a conversation and chat away!

The content is automatically encrypted and conversations are gated so only the participants can send and read messages.

Check out Conversations and Messages; then get to chatting!


To make it simple for apps to keep all of their primitives organized, we created Projects.

These help you easily organize all of your configurations and review content relevant to your app in one place. You can easily add more members to the team and assign relevant roles such as Admin, Manager or Moderator.

Check out everything you need to know about Projects here.