Orbis Dashboard


Orbis Dashboard (opens in a new tab) allows you to jump-start your journey into Web3 social.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage projects and contexts, customize components and get copy-pasteable code to use inside your app.


The Projects tab allows you to create new Projects and manage existing ones.

When managing projects you're able to create contexts and sub-contexts.
This includes adding information, integrations, creating Access Gating rules and updating existing ones.
Read more about Contexts here.

Here you're also able to moderate content and manage the project's team members.


The Styles tab opens up an interactive Components customizer.

All customizations are shown in real time across all of our components.
Once saved, styles are stored on Ceramic as a stream and are fully reusable across components.

Thanks to our intuitive user interface, you'll be able to tailor the look and feel of our components to match your site or app, all without writing any code.


Even though it's called "Developers" this tab doesn't require much knowledge in development to be used.
This tab is used to generate Component code which can be copy pasted into your new or existing projects.

In just 3 steps you'll be able to make any project social.

  1. Pick a Component
  2. Choose from one of the styles you've created
  3. Pick a Context this component should be scoped to (if any)

That's it - you now have a ready-to-use snippet of code that adds the desired component (with all the configurations) to your project.

Next steps

Check out our Components or read about the Building Blocks that power Orbis.