We are committed to making it easy for anyone to add social features to their app.

This is why we're building a rich set of open-source templates, components and easy-to-use SDKs that anyone can use to quickly start their journey with Orbis.

Open Source Templates

Fully open-source templates are eligible for one-click deployment to your favorite serverless platform.

Build your Decentralized Forum, Encrypted ChatGPT or jump-start your mobile app development with our React Native Template.

Orbis Components

You just want to add a discussion feed, chat or inbox to your already-built site?
Try out Orbis Components, a set of React components that can add social features to your site with just 5 lines of code.

We provide easy-to-use customization as a part of our Dashboard, so you can make our components truly yours.

SDK Integration

You like having full control over the look and feel? Your integration might require access to the internal?
This can be achieved using our Javascript SDK.
It contains all the primitives, functionality, and it's fully open-source!

Head over to our SDK reference to get started.

More about Orbis

Learn more about Orbis, its architecture and its building blocks.
Also, check out some of the frequently asked questions.