SDK Reference


Updates an existing context.

How to use?

const res = await orbis.updateContext(context_id, options);


  • context_id - (stream) ID of the context being updated
  • options - object which contains the details of the context
    • name - string Internal name of the context
    • displayName - string Displayed name of the context (in notifications or external feeds for example).
    • websiteUrl - string Context URL, can be used in notifications or external feeds.
    • project_id - string ID of the project this context is part of.
    • context - string If this context is a child of another context. Can be used to identify channels in a group for example.
    • accessRules - array See Access Gating
    • integrations - object 3rd party Context integrations, see Contexts


  status: 200,
  doc: "kjzl6cwe1...e4wvxhiqj",
  result: "Success updating TileDocument."