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Notifications are used to let users know when there's new content that's relevant to them.

There are social and messages notifications.

  • social notification type triggers when there are new comments, replies, mentions and likes.
  • messages notification type trigger with new Messages

User's notifications can be queried globally or scoped to a Context.

Use case

Use notifications to let users know when there's unread content they should focus their attention on.
Developers may choose to scope notifications to their contexts to make notifications more relevant.

Different scopes may be used in the same app with dynamic Contexts or Sub-contexts to show notifications based on user's current activity and context.



The stream ID of Notifications schema is kjzl6cwe1jw14a4hg7d96srbp4tm2lox68ry6uv4m0m3pfsjztxx4pe6rliqquu.

You can check the latest version using Cerscan (opens in a new tab).


	"last_notifications_read_time": "integer" // required

Parameter explanation:

  • last_notifications_read_time - timestamp last time a user has read their notifications

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