What Is Orbis?

What is Orbis?


Orbis Protocol is a fully composable ecosystem of social experiences built on top of battle-proven Web3 infrastructure. We enable developers to build features such as discussion feeds, social timelines and private messaging with a couple of lines of code (or less!).


Why are we building Orbis?

Social media's current model is entering decline as users increasingly question data ownership and how they share value with those platforms. Web3 Open Social promises all of the benefits of digital interaction while preserving users' ownership of the data and value they create.

Orbis merges the ease of Web2 Social with all the benefits of Web3 Open Social. A composable ecosystem where social experiences can be enriched and extended across platforms, where people truly own their social data and onboarding is frictionless.

What makes Orbis special?

Our core mission is to match the Web2 user experience while enabling Web3 benefits.

By consequence, Orbis Protocol is decentralized, composable & easy-to-use, from both user and developer standpoints.


We utilize Ceramic - an off-chain decentralized data network built on top of IPFS.

Instead of using an existing blockchain, we chose the right tool for the task. This means no transaction fees and no more waiting for blocks to be mined.


All applications built on top of Orbis Protocol conform to the same set of standards set by Orbis.

This creates an ever-evolving and interoperable ecosystem of applications. Users from any blockchain can bring their social data from one Orbis-powered application to another - no lock-ins!

Private on demand

Orbis integrates Encryption & Decryption powered by Lit Protocol, a decentralized key management network. This means you can choose who can see your content with checks handled trustlessly and provably.

Orbis Nodes implement an additional feature called access gating.

It allows you to choose who can add content to your spaces. Limit the discussion to high-value input based on on-chain data, including token ownership, balances and Credentials.

Easy to use

With Orbis Components you can get up and running without writing any code. Copy and paste 5 lines of React from our user-friendly Dashboard and make your app social - today.

For those who need granular control over UI and functionality, there's our JS SDK which abstracts away all the moving parts.

This is possible thanks to hosted Orbis Nodes which handle indexing and expose a REST API. You don't have to design or build a backend, at all.